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Thank you to the elected officials and communty leaders for their official endorsement and support. 

  • State Senator Deb Patterson

"I know Councilor Beltz to be a person of great integrity, vision, energy, and commitment.  Her creativity in making things happen in the Monmouth community and beyond, her experience in delivering services that benefit the entire region, and her heart for public service are needed now more than ever.

Councilor Beltz has a vision for the region that maintains the best of small-town safety, friendliness, and convenience, combined with an interest in introducing that which improves our quality of life.  I highly support Councilor Beltz for Polk County Commissioner!"

  • State Representations Paul Evans

  • Monmouth Mayor Cecila Koontz

  • Salem Mayor Chris Hoy

  • Keizer Mayor Cathy Clark

  • Former Mayor/Current City Councilor John Oberst

  • Polk County Democratic Party

  • Rodney and Judy Aduin

  • Paul and Morgan Brown

  • John and Jackie Loomis

  • ​Jack Madison

  • John Welch

I also wish to acknowledge the hundreds of others who have supported this campagn through donations, placing highway, roadway and lawn signs and volunteering in a multitude of other ways. Without their support none of this would be possible.


I am eternally grateful,


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