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As we are small commuting communities, what will I do to encourage manufacturing facilities, larger employers, etc. to create jobs and keep people in Polk County to spend their dollars?

Updated: Apr 18

With the current unemployment rate in Oregon at 4.2%, employers need our help to attract and retain talent. One way the county can assist employers is to help them develop and promote programs that improve work-life balance. This is a low- or no-cost way for us to help them attract and retain employees.

Among the many boards on which I serve, the SEDCOR board supports an organization that has several examples of programs they have built for regional employers, including vanpool programs to help employees get to work, (which also reduces absenteeism, greenhouse gas emissions, and traffic congestion).

SEDCOR has also helped develop childcare facilities and programs and they have convened some workforce housing consortiums. All these programs (and others) can be replicated in Polk County, we just need to know that we have commissioners who make it a priority.

I will be a commissioner who makes these programs a priority; join me!

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