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What are my qualifications?

Updated: Apr 18

County Commissioners are the CEOs of the county and when looking for a leader, it’s essential to look at everything a candidate has to offer. In my case, I have 20 years of experience working in public agencies and another 20 years working for private companies and academia.


My work and governmental experience include my six years as a Monmouth city councilor, the work that I did at ODOT providing intercity transit program management, (think regional commuter bus line), and 16 years working as a transportation program manager at Cherriots. In that role, I conducted outreach and education to promote all modes of transportation such as carpools, vanpools, transit, biking, and walking.


Before my work in the Willamette Valley, I worked on teams for 12 years at Chevron that conducted international training programs. I supported organizational development initiatives, I designed hundreds of marketing and outreach pieces, I provided documentation management for emergency response teams, and I provided executive support for the leadership team of Chevron Products Company.


At Stanford University and Medical Center, I managed a 2-million-dollar transportation program where I helped secure free universal transit passes for staff and faculty. The program also offered cash incentives to students who used the campus shuttle, biked, or walked instead of driving and parking on campus. 


Over the last 40 years, I have developed a balance of job-related skills and personal qualities and traits that impact how I think and work. It’s said that you manage things; you lead people – and I have the perfect balance of those skills and competencies. I have decades of experience developing, managing, defending, and balancing budgets, conducting strategic planning sessions, building stakeholder relationships, developing, and implementing policies, and acquiring and managing grants.


I have also developed important leadership qualities in communication like interactive listening and emotional intelligence like empathy and self-awareness. I’ve learned to be adaptable and inclusive, and I know how to work collaboratively to solve problems. I’m proud of the work I have done and that shows in the industry awards I have received over the years for design, marketing, leadership, and program management.


We need our commissioners to be generalists but also have some area of expertise. This is only achieved through a healthy mix of work experience, volunteer time, and public service. 

This is just a glimpse of the skills and competencies that I believe the county needs, and that I would bring to the position. Will you help me bring these skills to the commissioner's office? Join the movement:

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