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What are my thoughts on business expansion, retention, and attraction? Are there any rules and regulations I would change or update?

Updated: Apr 18

The county currently works with the Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments, (and I am the current vice-chair of their board). We have a regional comprehensive economic development strategy already for 2023-2028. This plan is updated every five years and since I’m on the COG board, I hope to continue to work on this every year until I retire from public service.

When it comes to rules and regulations that will make the county more business-friendly, I don’t have any specific ones since I would need to do a deep dive to make sure I understood them. I have recently met with business leaders to glean from their experiences, and I’ll have coffee with anyone who wants to share their knowledge. However, I believe some of the thoughts I have about organizational efficiency and adding a communication professional position will help make the county more business-friendly. 

Will you support my campaign to make Polk County more business-friendly with sensible planning and organizational efficiency? Please donate:

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