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My campaign for Polk County Commissioner is fueled by a commitment to positive change, supporting the needs of everyone in the community. The need for campaign donations is crucial to amplify my message and reach a wider audience. Campaign donations play a pivotal role in enabling me to connect with voters, organize events, and implement strategic outreach initiatives.


By contributing to my campaign, you actively participate in Building a Better Polk County, Together.

Paid for by: Friends of Roxanne Beltz PAC #19380

437 Clay St E. #581

Monmouth, OR 97361

Your donation may be eligible for the Oregon Political Income Tax Credit of up to $50 if you file an individual tax return and $100 for a joint tax return. Please consult your tax advisor if you have questions.


Contributions are NOT tax deductible on your federal tax return.


There is no maximum contribution limit to political campaigns in Oregon. We may not accept your contribution without your name, address, occupation and employer’s information. Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited.

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