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Guiding Principles

My guiding principles are straightforward: family, community, and economic prosperity. These non-partisan ideals drive my candidacy for Polk County Commissioner.

Roxanne and Bruce Beltz

As a descendant of an Oregon Trail family, mirroring their bold decision in the 1850s, I made a life-altering choice two decades ago to relocate to Oregon, aspiring to create a better life for both me and my daughter. While my family's journey is personally significant, it resonates with a shared desire for improvement in Polk County, where numerous barriers impede success for tens of thousands of people.


In my role as county commissioner, my aim will be to identify and address barriers hindering success, whether in employment, housing, health, or economics. Acknowledging the inadequacy of a "one-size-fits-all" solution, I am committed to persistently addressing each issue until positive outcomes are achieved.

My husband, Bruce, often cautions against employing "SGs" or sweeping generalizations. In other words, it's crucial not to make assumptions about everyone. Instead of labeling the unemployed or unhoused, we should collaborate on solutions, refraining from vilifying the "other."


With a professional history spanning more than two decades in transportation planning, my primary focus has been dedicated to alleviating traffic congestion while prioritizing safety, affordability, and accessibility. I deeply understand the significance of constructing and maintaining vital infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, underscoring the need for collaborative solutions that address the diverse needs of demographic groups, including seniors, students, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.


During my 16-year tenure as the Transportation Options Program Coordinator at Cherriots, a substantial part of my efforts was devoted to promoting transportation options, including carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling, and walking, fostering a more sustainable and accessible transportation landscape.

I strongly believe in the county's responsibility to enhance and expand our transportation network, advocating for essential services like public transportation. A noteworthy accomplishment includes my involvement in a grassroots initiative that successfully brought the MI Trolley to the communities of Monmouth and Independence. This endeavor involved collaboration between the two cities and Cherriots, resulting in the actualization of this vital service.


Throughout my career in public transit, I have had the honor of serving on the board of directors for esteemed organizations, including the Oregon Transit Association, the Transportation Options Group of Oregon, and the Public Transit Advisory Council. This experience has afforded me valuable insights and perspectives, further enriching my commitment to the establishment of healthier and more sustainable communities.


Effectively addressing the housing needs in our county and cities requires a comprehensive approach, blending short-term and long-term solutions. While I may not have all the answers, my strength lies in bringing people together to collaboratively work towards viable solutions.


Ongoing conversations are underway, and potential areas for discussion include affordable housing funding, fostering public-private partnerships, implementing homelessness prevention programs, promoting transit-oriented development, launching workforce housing initiatives, encouraging accessory dwelling units (ADUs), providing developer incentives, and exploring zoning reform.


On a personal note, my husband Bruce and I are actively engaged in constructing an ADU, creating a living space initially for a family member, with future plans to use it as a rental unit. While not a definitive solution to the broader housing challenge, it represents a practical step forward.


County Commissioners play a pivotal role in community engagement, fostering connections with a diverse range of individuals including business owners, employees, visitors, students, fellow public officials, and community members.

I hold a steadfast belief that it is my duty and my honor to facilitate transparent and accessible governance, actively seeking input from underrepresented groups and vulnerable populations to ensure the well-being of all residents is being prioritized and considered.


Acting as a convener, I strive to create an environment where open and honest dialogue can take place, fostering understanding and collaboration among residents with varying perspectives. Instead of dwelling on our differences, I advocate for active listening and bringing individuals with diverse viewpoints together so we can learn from one another.


Drawing on my experience as a small business owner, I understand the significance of minimizing bureaucracy and streamlining processes. I am committed to cultivating a thriving business environment that is vital for the overall health of our community. My pledge is to establish a business-friendly atmosphere, one that not only retains existing enterprises but also attracts new ventures. In doing so, I aim to ensure that tax dollars are invested innovatively, fostering collective job growth and prosperity for the community.


Actively participating in conversations and dialogue is key to understanding the varied perspectives within the community.

Facilitating partnerships between local businesses, educational institutions, and workforce development programs is not just beneficial but crucial. This collaborative effort ensures the development of a well-trained workforce that can effectively meet the demands of our growing economy.

Roxanne Beltz in the Independence Heritage Museum

Do these principles resonate with you? Do you want to see fair-minded, solution-oriented discussions happening in Polk County Commission office?
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